Covid Vaccination Update 11/01/2021

We are not running any covid vaccination clinics this week as we have not received any vaccines but as soon as we are advised that we are due vaccines we will continue with our vaccination programme.

More vaccination services are being set up gradually in line with an increase in supply of vaccines. We are aware that letters have come out from NHS England for over 80s giving people the option of getting their vaccine at one of the hubs set up centrally, our local one being Epsom Downs Racecourse. Alternatively you can wait for us to contact you when we have further supplies.

You might know others over 80 who have been invited for their vaccination already, but that doesn’t mean that you are a lower priority or have been missed.

NHS teams are working hard to vaccinate as many people in the priority group as quickly as possible. In the coming weeks many more people will be invited in, but it is only the start of the programme and it will take time to work through everyone.